Unspeakable                                                             Freight Books, 2017*

Sadly Freight Books has gone into liquidation and so the book may currently be hard to find but may once again become available.

Pelmanism                                                                Luath Press, 2014

Selected Stories                                                          Luath Press, 2005

Lord of Illusions                                                        Luath Press, 2005

Pest Maiden                                                              Headline Review, 1999

War Dolls                                                                   Headline Review, 1998

Red Tides                                                                  Secker & Warburg, 1993

Our Lady of the Pickpockets                                   Secker & Warburg, 1989


Bodywork                                                                   Luath Press, 2007

Lure                                                                            Chapman Publishing Ltd, 2003

Madame Doubtfire’s Dilemma                                Chapman Publishing Ltd, 1989

 Poetry for Children

 When I Wear my Leopard Hat                                 Scottish Children’s Press, 1997

Collaborative publications

 Twinset:   poems by Dilys Rose and Karen Knight                Knucker Press, 2008

artwork by Polly Thelwall and Laurie Hastings

Once upon our time: new portrait miniatures                    National Galleries of Scotland

paintings by Moyna Flannigan,                                                publications, 2004, to coincide

fictional miniatures by Dilys Rose                                            with Moyna Flannigan’s                                                                                                           exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

 Collaborations for performance

Watching over You

Song cycle, written for and sung by Karen Cargill, and performed

by Red Note Ensemble at the Queen’s Hall Edinburgh, 2015.

 Kaspar Hauser: The Child of Europe

Chamber opera with music composed by Rory Boyle.

The creation of this work was supported by a Creative Scotland Award, 2006.

First performed in Glasgow at RSAMD, 2010.

In the same year it received a British Composers’ Award (stage category).

Helter Skelter

Site-specific music theatre piece, composed by Stephen Deazley. A Tramway Commission, 2007.

The Fires of Bride:  Choral piece, with music by Rory Boyle.

Commissioned as part of Composer Laureate in Schools project and first performed

at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, 2005.

Fatal Attraction:  Choral piece, with music by Stephen Deazley.