Unspeakable                                                             Freight Books, 2017*

Sadly the company who originally published this title has gone into liquidation, so paperback copies may be hard to find.  You should now be able to get in again on Kindle.

Pelmanism                                                                Luath Press, 2014

Selected Stories                                                        Luath Press, 2005

Lord of Illusions                                                      Luath Press, 2005

Pest Maiden                                                              Headline Review, 1999

War Dolls                                                                   Headline Review, 1998

Red Tides                                                                    Secker & Warburg, 1993

Our Lady of the Pickpockets                                 Secker & Warburg, 1989




Bodywork                                                                  Luath Press, 2007

Lure                                                                            Chapman Publishing Ltd, 2003

Madame Doubtfire’s Dilemma                           Chapman Publishing Ltd, 1989

 Poetry for Children

 When I Wear my Leopard Hat                            Scottish Children’s Press, 1997