I was born and brought up in Glasgow but have lived in Edinburgh for most of my adult life. My partner is also a writer and we have two grown-up daughters and, to date, a granddaughter and grandson.   I’ve been writing since the early 80s. I began with poetry, then ventured into short stories. I resisted attempting a novel for rather a long time, publishing my first, Pest Maiden, at the end of the millennium. Since then I’ve gone back and forth between shorter and longer work, poetry and prose, and the different pleasures and challenges of each.

As well as writing, I’ve been involved in teaching creative writing for many years. I began as a visiting writer in primary and secondary schools, then held two community residencies and for the last twenty years taught on university postgraduate programmes. In 2017, I took early retirement from my post as programme director on the online MSc in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh.

As well as writing, I’ve always been interested in the visual arts and now have more time to develop my practice in this area.

I usually try to avoid talking about own writing but here are a couple of interviews, one about writing in general, and the other more specific to the short story, and recent piece I wrote about  the change in my working habits:



From Owl To Lark